An Enduring Love

Psychotherapy, Spirituality, Psychedelic Education and Integration

Rob Colbert, MA, PhD
Shannon Hughes, MSW, PhD
Mara Holloway, MA, RP

25 Old Town Square, Suite 250 J,
Fort Collins, CO 80524

(970) 510-6362

An Enduring Love is a community of independent practitioners who support individuals and families through major life transitions, such as death, dying, life epiphanies, new or shed identities, and other moments of significant upheaval. Our community of practitioners use traditional psychotherapeutic methods, spirituality, embodiment, and ceremony to process life transitions and integrate significant life experiences.

We are grounded in the research evidence demonstrating the transformative power of psychedelic medicines as tools to explore life situations from a place of broader perspective and to evoke deeply enriching personal insights. From psychedelic substances to prescribed psychotropic medications, however, we are profoundly aware that many people are left to navigate their use of medicines and drugs on their own.

Through educationintegration, and ongoing support, we aim to serve as a comprehensive Colorado-based guide for those who are navigating major life transitions and using or considering using psychoactive substances of any kind. We operate outside of conventional paradigms that involve applying diagnoses to mental and emotional distress, and are open to supporting your own process of meaning-making in whatever direction it takes you. Explore our community of psychedelic-informed practitioners who operate from a variety of conventional and alternative modalities.

Our practitioners are located across Northern Colorado with online and in-person sessions available.


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Location Colorado, Fort Collins

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