Ana Schlosser, MS

Registered Provisional Psychologist
Medicine Hat AB
Using an inviting compassionate and relational approach, I believe relationship is the heart of healing between participant and supporter. I collaborate and consult with a multidisciplinary team comprised of registered medical professionals (internal medicine, chronic pain management specialist, psychiatric nurse), indigenous knowledge keepers and healers and sacred ceremonial coaches/guides. Consultation and coaching through creative, collaborative, forward thinking interventions for holistic healing and wellness utilizing indigenous healing modalities, both traditional and non-traditional frameworks are foundational to my practice.
I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years. I'm originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) and immigrated to Alberta, Canada in 2008 as part of the North American Fair Trade Agreement (NAFTA), to work in the area of forensic psychology with a partnership between Alberta Health Services and Alberta Juvenile Justice. I've worked in a variety of community mental health, correctional, child protection, residential treatment, emergency room and school settings throughout my career, working with children, teens and families. Since 2014 when I opened my private practice, I have worked primarily with adults with trauma including first responders, front line workers, military members, (both active duty and veterans), and within the general population. My indigenous lineage originates from Zacatecas, Mexico, of the Zacateco Chichimecas as referred to by the Aztecs and from Jalisco, Mexico home of the Cazcanes indigenous peoples.
Professional therapy within Alberta covered by benefits. Individual coaching and consultation to all other areas per my availability. Professional Consultation and Training for guides, registered professionals available upon request.