Ana Alvarado Ruiz., PAC, RTC

License Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified Psychedelic Assistant Therapist.
Vancouver BC
In my practice, I prioritize utmost respect for my clients, acknowledging their unique stages of life, diverse perspectives, and embracing their race, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. Active listening is a cornerstone of my work, as I believe it is crucial for truly understanding their experiences. I'm not afraid to ask challenging questions that delve deep into the core of their issues, empowering them to uncover meaningful insights. With an optimistic outlook, I take joy in guiding clients towards self-belief and helping them transform their goals into tangibles realities.
As a certified Psychedelic Assistant Therapist, I have dedicated the past four years to researching the potential benefits of psychedelics. Inspired by renowned psychologist and their compelling evidence, I am deeply interested in supporting clients who would like to incorporate psychedelics to enhance their healing journey in a safe environment. My primary goal is to help clients heal, overcome obstacles, and rediscover their path towards restore mental well-being. With a compassionate and dedicated approach, I provide heartfelt support and guidance throughout the entire journey, ensuring your safety and comfort.
I provide therapy services to young adults, women and man. I welcome all cultural and religious backgrounds. I have a deep passion for helping individuals who may be facing financial challenges, and I offer discounts tailored to their specific circumstances. My aim is to create a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their concerns and work towards positive change.