Andrea Letts, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Northridge CA
I work with clients who suffer from past and present trauma – any adverse event that was just too much to take in at a given moment. Through a warm and nurturing therapeutic relationship, and above all else meeting you where you are at, I am able to help you navigate the often tedious and difficult healing process. I have experience working with adults of all ages; and I am an inclusive, trauma-focused therapist, with a focus on social justice and a willingness to provide culturally affirming, stigma-free, mental health care to all people regardless of race, gender identity, and religious beliefs. I specialize in working with complex trauma, dissociative disorders, and emotional disturbances. I focus on emotion regulation and reprocessing trauma in an efficient manner that helps my clients to find stability, improve relationships both with themselves and others, and ease personal suffering.
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but prefer to refer to myself as a Trauma Therapist. Not only do I utilize trauma-focused interventions, but I am constantly looking through a trauma lens. I use the word trauma in the broadest way. Yes, there is big trauma, and there are also the smaller insults in life that leave deep traumatic wounds that often go unnoticed and unhealed. I too am a trauma survivor and thriver. My post traumatic growth had me pursuing a degree in social work and ultimately becoming a Trauma Therapist. I become a therapist after realizing how desperately I wanted to be understood by the person sitting across from me and those who were guiding me and walking with me on my own healing journey. When I am with a client, I am by no means the expert in the room. Rather, I am just a human being, who will embrace authenticity, provide a non-judgmental space, and walk the path of healing with my clients. It is my belief that we all possess an internal healer and often we need some guidance in finding it. I encourage my clients to embrace their humanity with self-compassion, mindfulness, and kindness; a formula that I have found necessary throughout my own lengthy process. I do not see my clients as a compilation of symptoms or a diagnosis, but rather as a person with needs that they are trying to get met.