Andrea Rábago, MA, LMFT

Psychotherapist & TRE® Provider
Austin TX
Before anything else is the therapeutic relationship. It's the most important aspect for therapy success and I deeply enjoy helping facilitate positive change in people's lives. After 10 years of serving, I trust this process implicitly. I cannot know how any session is going to unfold. I just have to show up in my fullest capacity for you. Present. I listen to your body, your voice, tone, posture, your story. Together we will work and play -- especially play in somatic sessions. It's wonderful the healing that happens in the therapeutic container. A consultation call will help us feel it out a bit more and see if we'd like to have a session together.
Andrea was initiated as a healer at a young age. The messages and guidance of plants and the natural world became her passion and study helping heal her symptoms of complex trauma and deeply nourish her being. After completing masters level education in Austin, Texas she opened her practice in 2014. Skilled in identifying the moods, behavior responses, and neurological pathways of complex trauma and PTSD, she helps people to resolve the old unhelpful and develop the new with conscious intention. Her intuition and relationship with plants are the guiding forces that helps her facilitate deep healing experiences. She most often works with: Highly Sensitive People, adult children of narcissistic abuse, neglect, first responders, active/retired military, creatives, musicians, therapists, and all humans who wish to deeply connect with their core Self. Sessions can include plant medicine preparation and integration, energy release practices for nervous system restoration, inner child healing, deepening Self understanding through Jungian methods such as ego identity, shadow work. Andrea is a globally certified TRE® provider (trauma release exercise) and sessions often blend somatic expression with Self exploration. Sessions are unique to each moment and flow to holistically balance and vitalize mind-body-spirit. Based in Austin, Texas, her practice is also virtual so she can extend her reach.