Andrea Rábago, MA, LMFT

Integration Therapist
Austin TX
My work is grounded by the philosophy of Carl Jung. Currently I am contemplating the Upinashads & am drawn to the teachings of Forest Gump, Joe Dispenza, Matt Kahn, & Alan Watts. As a Certified TRE® Provider you will get a chance to experience how you naturally move & integrate energy. The technique is wonderful for working with (and without) plant medicines, for reducing stress, tension, & being grounded in energetic flow.
Andrea Rábago is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in the biology of trauma and serving Highly Sensitive People. Sessions can include energy release practices for nervous system restoration, plant medicine preparation and integration, exploration through Jungian methods such as ego identity, shadow work, and healing the inner child. She is a globally certified TRE® provider (trauma release exercise). Your sessions will be unique to holistically support and vitalize mind-body-spirit. Early on Andrea struggled with and resolved a series of inflammatory autoimmune responses and emotional wounding. She grew in the hills of South Central Texas along the banks of the Frio river. In this fertile landscape she began waking up and in reclaiming her eccentric, wild nature she also answered the call to serve professionally. After completing masters level education she started practicing in 2014. She deeply empathizes — knowing the energetic moods, behaviors, responses, and pathways of complex trauma and helps people to alleviate their symptoms, relationship distress and reorganize from the inside out. The spiritual call for working with master plant medicines also personally resonates with Andrea. She educates on how to prepare, be with, and skillfully integrate what you access. Andrea believes that being students to the teachings of plant consciousness often illuminates profound truths, reminds us of our human interdependence, and the need for revived myth or eco-psycho-spirituality for today’s social and environmental climate. Based in Austin, Texas, her practice is virtual so she can extend her reach. She believes that you are naturally the medicine from the inside out.
I am designing a synergy hub. This place will feature a geometric dome that focuses on regeneration & integration. It will be located on a large piece of property where we can experience stewardship & service to the land in reciprocity for receiving her abundance. Play & fun are a signature feature of this design!