Andrew Carnahan, MA, LMHC, SUDP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Seattle WA
I work with psychedelic medicine as a tool to help people move outside of their existing framework; and encounter life’s joys, sufferings, and meanings from a new perspective. By learning from and integrating these new perspectives into your life, a fuller and richer way of being with all of yourself becomes available. This is a gateway to healing the wounds of the past and developing the courage to step into a new future. I help people engage in this healing process both through ketamine assisted therapy, and by providing integration counseling for other psychedelic experiences. When working with ketamine there are typically three components to the treatment. First preparatory meetings, where we will answer any questions you have about ketamine therapy and set intentions for your healing process. Next we engage in guided medicine sessions where we work one on one to support your healing journey. Also, I provide integration meetings where we will process and grow from the experiences and insights from your medicine sessions. I work collaboratively with people to help them find the best combination of these three components for their needs. Integrating psychedelic experiences, either ketamine or other substances, is a vital component of utilizing these substances for growth and often starts off very similar to talk therapy. As we develop an understanding of the psychedelic experience and what it means in your life we will learn how to bring the lessons and insights into your daily life. This will often include activities such as reconnecting to nature and art, developing new habits and routines or connecting to your spiritual side. Unfortunately, not everyone has a healing or enjoyable psychedelic experience. Some people when in unsupportive environments or perhaps without proper psychological preparation have challenging or ‘bad’ psychedelic experiences. Integration of these challenging experiences helps reduce the trauma related symptoms of flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and anxiety. I have conduced extensive academic research into the treatment of these symptoms and integration of challenging experiences; and have experience helping people who have had challenging experiences with all manner of substances, including challenges related to high dose marijuana use.
I am a therapist serving the North Seattle area, specializing in ketamine assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration. I have a Master's degree in psychology from Seattle University with a focus on existential and humanistic psychotherapy. In addition, I have extensive training in Jungian depth oriented approaches to psychotherapy. My paper titled 'An Existential Approach to Integrating Challenging Psychedelic Experiences' was published in the Journal of Existential Analysis (Jan 2023). I believe that the best therapy works to solve today's problems, while also helping you grow toward a life filled with meaning and authenticity. My style of therapy is insight-oriented, non-judgmental, and centered on the belief that happiness and healing is unique to each of us. I enjoy working with people of all genders and presentations on overcoming, anxiety, depression, difficulties related to trauma and substance abuse. I am supportive of clients who engage in all relationship styles (ENM, polyamory and monogamy) and work to be a supportive ally of LGBTQ+ communities and individuals.