Andrew Ding, MD

New Haven CT
I seek to help people develop clarity, agency, and meaning through a variety of approaches from the concrete such as nutrition, and movement to the spiritual through modalities such as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Any issue can be seen, like a sphere, from infinite perspectives and with respect for the mutually inclusive virtues of contemporary Western science and complementary traditions. In keeping with this perspective, I support growth through a bespoke therapeutic alliance that integrates various psychotherapies, lifestyle medicine, and judicious prescribing within the same relationship to enhance healthspan. Whether you are grappling with a formal diagnosis, the chasm between intellectual understanding and enacted emotional change, feeling unfulfilled despite following social prescriptions, or something you can’t quite articulate, I aspire to form a non-judgmental partnership that, rather than solely ameliorating symptoms, address the roots of your challenges facilitating the native capacity to heal.
I am a psychotherapist and psychiatrist specializing in existential and spiritual issues with a focus on psychedelic and holistic medicine. I offer a wide-ranging perspective informed by influences ranging from modern, evidence-informed Western medicine, to psychoanalysis, to Eastern spirituality that embraces the interplay between mind, body, and spirit. The aim is to foster not only self-knowledge but progress from insight to embodiment, contradiction to paradox, and alienation to connection. I completed my psychiatry residency training at Hartford Hospital where I am also an instructor lecturing on psychotherapy and psychedelic medicine. Additionally, I completed a fellowship in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute (a Yale affiliate), MDMA-assisted psychotherapy training through Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies MDMA (MAPS), ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with The Ketamine Training Center, and all levels of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (a variant of EMDR) training. I have also lectured on psychedelics at multiple psychiatry residencies, in Yale Psychedelic Science Group's elective course, and at various hospitals. Prior to medical school, I studied philosophy at Kenyon College and worked as a mountain guide across the American West.
Please reach out via to explore working together. I am licensed in NY and CT and available to travel for therapy (including ketamine lozenge therapy) billing at standard hourly rates for commute time. Individual psychotherapy Couples therapy Group therapy Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (Ketamine) Psychedelic preparation and integration (Plant and synthetic medicines) Medication management Lifestyle medicine and integrative psychiatry Coaching Consulting Education Lecturing, podcasts, speaking