Andrew Edmonds, BSc, PgDip

Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Ourimbah NSW
We start by discussing what has happened recently (the 'symptoms'), rather than going into the whole back story (which can re-traumatise), so we can transition into experiential components more quickly. Sometimes the client brings unconscious content such as a dream or journey they had that they wish to intentionally delve into, and we can do this by recreating the scene using as many senses and memories as possible, and then explore it more deeply - gently following the unconscious content (feelings, visuals, words etc) as it comes up and making meaning of the experience. Sometimes I follow cues from the client about what is happening subconsciously (e.g. tapping fingers, wringing hands and rapid speech, even though the client reports their anxiety as a 1 out of 10), bring their awareness to the cue and then explore it in detail, bringing awareness to the body and it's sensations; then organically unfolding unconscious content to find and embody the energy that helps to alleviate this symptom (e.g. moving from anxiety to a feeling of peace, grounding, calm, lightness etc).
I've been interested in all things psychology, spirituality, philosophy, anthropology, and of course plant medicines, since my early teens. I have over 25 years of experience working with plant medicines, and have studied a variety of modalities including psychotherapy, energy work (reiki etc) and shamanic work (particularly with Mapacho/sacred tobacco) Outside of work, I'm interested in martial arts, strength training, self-improvement and homesteading.