Angela Leong, BA, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor
Vancouver BC
Through developing a safe therapeutic relationship, I empower my clients to find the answers to their life’s discontents by consulting with subtle bodily sensations and using them as guides. I am not here to advise, fix or preach, although I can offer strategies to manage emotions and I can be a sound board to your life problems. True healing comes from two souls making contact. I’m here to look at all the things you aren’t proud of and the ones that you are. I’m here to help you explore all the difficult moments in life that you had to endure alone. Your future self is in your hands to be shaped. I’m excited to help you start your healing journey.
My parents are immigrants from the GuangDong province in China. Born Canadian to a set of very hard working parents, I often felt lonely as a child. But I chose counselling psychology as early as the 12th grade in high school because it spoke to me. Since then, I have truly felt that it is my calling. I have devoted much of my time, energy and resources to my personal healing journey. I feel destined to use my natural sensitivity to help others feel seen.