Angela Ward, RN

Registered Nurse
Seattle WA
I work with clients one-on-one and in small groups.
Angela Ward Nurse Coach. Soul Midwife. Psychedelic therapy expert. I’m Angela Ward, a nurse, former birth doula, and the founder of Guardian at the Gateway. I’m also a survivor of PTSD who understands first-hand the healing power of psychedelic-assisted therapy. I have experienced it in my own life, witnessed it in hundreds of others, and built this business so that you (and thousands of others) can reap the benefits, too. It has become clear over the years that my calling is to support people through transformational experiences. I’ve done it as a labor and delivery nurse, birth & death doula, and now, through my work facilitating and supporting psychedelic-assisted therapy. I consider it a great honor, privilege, and responsibility to cultivate a safe and strong container for people as they travel through the unknown towards deep transformation and healing. That’s where ‘Guardian at the Gateway’ came from; what lies ‘beyond’ is full of unknowns and can be scary. Though your healing is in your hands, my team and I are here to fully support you on this journey, safely guiding and watching over you, every step of the way.
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