Angie Joerin, LLP, MA

Boulder CO
At Inward, I offer Psychedelic Integration and Leadership Psychotherapy with a focus on trauma. I work with those who are ready to embrace the uneven path towards healing. Those who are seeking to take their growth to a deeper level, perhaps when coaching doesn’t feel like enough or when you feel ready to face hard things in order to unlock your empathic potential. This mindfulness-based transpersonal approach combines the proactive focus of coaching and the reactive elements of therapy to support you in awakening a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. Leadership Psychotherapy helps you build awareness to cope with triggers as you cultivate your personal leadership philosophy and evolve into a more mindful leader. Psychedelic Integration helps you process altered-state experiences in a safe space while fostering ongoing behavior change, spiritual growth, and deepening awareness.
I am a Trauma Psychotherapist and Leadership Coach with training in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and a passion for ocean preservation. I facilitate a connection with oneself and the environment in order to boost awareness, community, creativity, and performance. I have delivered 10+ years of treatment and coaching for adults and families in community mental health, home-based, and office settings. I have also led organizational culture consulting services for the public sector and fortune 500 clients at Deloitte and have supported multiple early-stage startups to establish their culture and develop effective mental health and coaching products and practices. I understand, with great depth, the internal conflict of recognizing meaning in life while feeling stuck within a broader system that does not support personal healing or spiritual awakening. Through my education, professional experience, and personal therapeutic journey, I have come to embrace my mission in providing healing spaces for others. I look forward to guiding you Inward and towards your purpose!
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