Angie Joerin, MS, LLP, LPCC

Limited License Psychologist, Michigan; Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, Colorado
Boulder CO
I offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy with trauma-focused integration from my home office in partnership with Delos Psychiatry. Together, we create a comfortable, holistic, and safe experience for you to heal in relationship with this psychedelic medicine. The Ketamine sessions are wrapped with spacious preparation and integration to promote lasting change.
Please note that I am currently on maternity leave and may not have capacity to reply to any new inquiries for some time. I do not have an anticipated return date but will follow up with anyone who reaches out as soon as I have a sense of when I will reopen my practice based on the needs of myself and baby. I believe we all possess deep inner wisdom that requires careful nourishing and intention to access more fully. For many people, this means transforming trauma into awakening by diving inward to discover what is beneath the surface. For others, it means taking personal growth to a deeper level and facing hard things in order to unlock potential. I am here to support your evolution toward a more meaningful, mindful, and connected existence. Through education, experience, and personal healing, I have come to embrace my life mission to provide spacious and healing experiences. I enjoy guiding others Inward and toward their purpose! I always offer free consultations so we can get to know one another before committing to working together and I enjoy being flexible and creative once we begin.