Angie Joerin, MS, LLP

Psychotherapist & Coach
Boulder CO
I believe we all possess deep inner wisdom that sometimes requires careful nourishing and intention to access more fully. For many people, this means transforming trauma into awakening by diving inward to discover what is beneath the surface. For others, it means taking personal growth to a deeper level and facing hard things in order to unlock potential. I am here to support your evolution towards a more meaningful, mindful, and connected existence. I offer Trauma Therapy, Leadership Therapy, and Psychedelic Integration. Individual therapy helps you build awareness to cope with triggers and heal internal wounds that impact how you show up externally. Integration supports your processing of psychedelic experiences in a safe space. My license to practice therapy is in Michigan and so I work with many clients as a coach. If you believe I would be a good fit for you but you do not live in Michigan, please set up a free consultation so that we may discuss your unique circumstances.
My journey to becoming and being a therapist has been deeply personal. In the process of meditation, therapy, cultivating secure relationships, and bonding with the ocean, earth, and plant medicine, I have come to see clearly how we are all worthy of compassion. Learning to befriend challenging emotions has expanded my capacity to approach every client with acceptance. Grieving the tragic losses of loved ones propelled me toward my potential and led me to discover my purpose. Today, I feel my most authentic self when working with people in a therapeutic setting and I have had the pleasure of witnessing true transformation in those who have been courageous enough to take baby steps and giant leaps in our work together. With compassion, Angie