Dr. Anna FEKETE, PhD

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
New York City NY
I like to think of my work with my clients as a dance. It is difficult to tell who is leading whom – the client or the therapist -, but I do provide safe boundaries, clear guidance, to-the-point explanations, sensitive attunement, compassionate confrontation, warmth and containment, and a safe space for exploration and discovery. Having trained in a large number of different modalities and techniques, and having lived an experience-rich life, I use my skills and knowledge, but also my sensitivity and intuition to respond to my clients’ needs as a good dancer would to their partner: allowing them to experience the very depths and heights of their personality, keeping them safe and protected, ... while making sure they have a lot of fun, experience a lot of joy ... and laugh a lot! 🙂 I also tend to make my clients "work" – both in the sessions and in between sessions at home. I explain things, teach skills, provide homework exercises to explore and practice daily, suggest reading material, etc. For us to really benefit from psychedelic experiences, these experiences need to be translated into our every-day life and integrated into our whole personality. Some of these experiences need to be understood, others need to get absorbed into our body and biochemistry, yet others need to be hard-wired into our nervous system. And more often than not, this needs time, attention and practice. I believe in the power of our mind and intellect, too. Understanding and insight can be our most powerful allies in helping us to do the emotional, somatic and spiritual work that is needed to heal from trauma and decades of conditioning. I pay attention that we're not only having fun talking but my clients' lives actually start changing and transforming! 🙂 Nothing gives me more joy than to see my clients spread their wings and take off into a new-found freedom and happiness ... ! 🙂
I have extensive training and professional experience not only in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, CBT, EMDR, systemic constellations, couples therapy, psychedelic assisted psychotherapies, as well as life and business coaching, but also in music, dance, and the creative arts. I am also well-trained in various body-mind techniques (yoga, shiatsu, TCM, martial arts, meditation, mindfulness, holotropic breath work, other trance techniques, etc.). In my therapeutic work, therefore, I use a rather rich and varied repertoire of therapeutic modalities and coaching techniques. I provide services in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP), Psychedelic Integration Therapy as well as Psychedelic Harm Reduction, and am training in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy with MAPS. I work with Ketamine and Medical Cannabis, and use a number of different techniques to deepen the experience of my clients (hypnotherapy, imagery, somatic processing, breath work, music therapy, creative arts therapies, etc.). With my artistic and creative sensitivity – but also with my scientific honesty and integrity – I’ve been drawn to the depths of our unconscious mind and our creative imagination since I was born. I feel in my element as soon as I – or my clients – enter the realms of our personal, collective, archetypal, transpersonal or spiritual unconscious, and move around in the peaks and abysses of these realms with the peace and groundedness of decades of experience. I live in New York City and run a successful private practice in Manhattan. In 25+ years of professional experience, I've worked with the whole gamut of psychological and relationship problems, psychiatric disorders, and neuropsychological conditions both in clinical and in private settings. As an executive coach, trainer and workshop leader, I’ve worked for large corporations and small companies, and have been teaching at various universities for over three decades. Having a large international clientele, I am a well-established online coach and therapist.