Anna La Tourette, LCSW

Greenfield MA
I believe in the inherent worth of all life and strive to bring this to my work. In therapy, I support individuals in identifying the source of troubling emotional and behavioral patterns using a mindful, present-moment awareness as well as exploring past experiences and traumas – both individual and collective. While therapy is not the end-all-be all in addressing the challenges of the world, it can be a profound tool for navigating difficulties in an honest, compassionate way with the intention of seeing and feeling your value as well as the value of all life around us. Regarding psychedelic support: I am beginning to expand my practice to support individuals who are interested in using entheogens as part of their therapeutic process. I will primarily be drawing on my own experiences (over two decades worth) as well as mentorship I have received over the years. I do not currently have training in psychedelic therapy through a formal program.
I am a therapist located in Western Massachusetts. I maintain a private practice as well as work in community mental health part time. In my work, I am informed by my own processes in therapy and spiritual practices, including guided community psychedelic experiences. I also practice meditation (Theravada) and mindfulness.
I offer talk therapy with an orientation towards mindfulness and somatic awareness. I am interested in supporting individuals in preparing for psychedelic experiences as well as processing the experience afterwards. I do not offer guided sessions with actual medicines. *Please note I can only work with individuals located in Massachusetts at this time.*