Anne Bethune, LCSW

Kansas City MO
The work begins with an intake session. In addition to a biopsychosocial assessment and history gathering, we begin to explore the core of what the client is seeking. Using curiosity and exploration, I invite clients to set a flexible and meaningful intention for their KAP journey. I also discuss integration at that session and invite clients to think about ways they can go from having the experience to expressing the insights and perspectives from their journey in their daily lives. We address any barriers or apprehension they may have about this type of exploration, leaning heavily into the mutual respect established within the therapeutic relationship. After meeting with an integrative medicine practice for the ketamine prescription, the client will present for their in-office KAP session. The session begins with attending to comfort, revisiting the intention for the their journey, and a meditative start to the journey. As the medication wears off, there is some gentle processing of the journey. I take notes on what a client says to help them capture the essence of it. They leave with integration resources and suggestions on how to stay present as the experience with their non ordinary state of consciousness continues to unfold in their lives.
I began my career as the therapist working with individuals affected by sexual assault. I have been trained in several talk therapy modalities; EMDR, CBT and am a Registered Play Therapist. Doing that work was satisfying yet I became curious to explore other options and the potential for greater exploration of the self. I quite coincidentally became acquainted with a leader in the field and became inspired to become trained in KAP. My initial training took place in 2019, before the pandemic. I was fortunate to attend an multi-day in person experiential training. I opened my KAP practice in early 2020, the first KAP practice in the region.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Post Ketamine Integration Coaching