Anne Roma, LISW

Dr. Anne Roma
Cincinnati OH
I am on target to complete a 10 month Psychedelic Assisted Training program with Integrative Psychedelic Institute in November, 2023 and completed the 9 hour Fluence training provided through Journey Clinical with whom I am a registered ketamine-assisted therapist. I am offering ketamine-assisted therapy to current clients in Cincinnati, Ohio and anticipate taking on new clients in the new year.
I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker with a Supervision designation (LISW-S) and hold my PhD in Applied Social Sciences. My practice is located in the Gaslight Clifton community of Cincinnati, Ohio. My interest in psychedelics has only grown as I learn more about their healing powers. I'm particularly drawn to their ability to highlight and manifest the power of insight and clarity that lie within us. I have practiced as a clinical social worker for about 15 years in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, non-profits and community care agencies. I am also a faculty member of a local university. Most recently, I opened a private practice that focuses on supporting those of us who have experienced relational trauma, and specialize in offering services to late-diagnoses autistic folks and those living with chronic illness. I am an EMDR trained, currently completing level 2 of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy training and borrow from a variety of modalities to support my clients.