Annie Karamanukyan, PsyD

Registered Psychological Associate
San Diego CA
Dr. Karamanukyan’s approach to clients is rooted in collaboration. She works to create a safe space for clients to feel comfortable and empowered through their healing journey.
Dr. Karamanukyan is a graduate of Alliant International University, San Diego where she completed her doctorate in clinical psychology. She is a pre-licensed psychologist and a registered psychological associate working under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Black to complete her post-doctoral training for licensure. Throughout her pre-doctoral training, she gained extensive training in health and existential psychology working with individuals who have varying severities of medical and terminal illnesses. Dr. Karamanukyan has experience treating anxiety, depression, and trauma/PTSD. She also works with individuals needing support in grief and loss, and chronic illness.
Under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Black (PSY29110) I offer Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) at low psycholytic dose (engage in psychotherapy while feeling the effects of the medicine) and journey dose (low to moderate dose) with integration session (psychotherapy session after the effects of the medicine wear off to integrate any insight gained). I will soon offer combination treatments, such as combining EMDR with KAP or psychotherapy. For example, KAP and EMDR complete in the same place session and/or week to help with insight, integration, and lasting behavioral change.