Antonieta Contreras, LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Specialties: EMDR, ISF, IFS, AEDP, Gestalt, Trauma

Services Offered: Individual, couples, psychedelic integration (individuals), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, treatment planning, mind-body therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth & In person (New York, NY)



Antonieta Contreras is a former banker and consultant and a Gestalt-trained psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work from NYU. She holds a specialization in Trauma Studies from ICP and on Human Sexuality from NYU School of Medicine. She is Board Certified Neurofeedback clinician, EMDR certified and has training in various other trauma treatment modalities (AEDP, IFS, EFT, Imago, hypnosis, etc.). She worked for years at agencies in high-risk, low-income communities.

She maintains a private practice in Chelsea where she treats adults and couples who present problems with trauma, attachment, relationships, and sexuality. She adds to her practice the contemplative techniques that she acquired through her studies in India and the Tibetan Buddhist traditions as well as shamanic practices from Latin America. She is currently serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors of Our Home Base and is ICP supervisor, faculty, chair of the Curriculum Committee, and co-chair of the Training Committee, and Projects and Programs Committee.

How I work with clients

I’m a highly compassionate therapist that sees the clients in all the human manifestations without using labels, diagnosis, or judgment. I’m the type of therapist that never take notes because being present and attuned to the client is more important than the narrative. I care profoundly about change and improvement and dedicate my sessions and my mind in finding betters ways to grow with them including the use of several devices that improve treatment and quality of life.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker (New York #082813)


Master of Social Worker (New York University)




English, Spanish, Italian

Online Sessions


Location New York, New York City

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