Antonio Pedulla, MSN, FNP, PMHNP

Nurse Practitioner
North East MD
I work with patients who are both new and experience with psychedelic treatment through use of ketamine. I evaluate the patient's goals and comfort levels with starting to determine a proper treatment plan.
I'm a dual certified FNP/ PMHNP. I started out as an RN and worked in various locations and specialties including telemetry, IDD/Group Homes, Home Infusion and inpatient psych for adolescents. My career as an RN prepared me to further my education to become a Nurse Practitioner offering both general medicine and psychiatric services. Overtime I have focused more on psychiatric services such as medication management and talk therapy. I have a strong interested in off-label and new applications for medications and treatments. This led to me to learn about ketamine and to begin offering ketamine as a treatment for mental health. Since then I have made put in a lot of effort into making this form of psychedelic treatment affordable and accessible to a population in need of its benefits.
I offer at home and in office ketamine treatments. I also offer half-dose IM treatments in office for those who are unsure if this treatment is right for them. I can also refer Maryland patients to Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program for those would feel they would benefit from more guidance and integration in their ketamine journey.