Anya Ravitz, LCPC, NCC

Mental health therapist
Chicago IL
I provide individual therapy for psychedelic integration, preparation, and treatment planning. I also provide ketamine-assisted therapy through Field Trip Health, which includes therapeutic intake, preparation, sitting during ketamine sessions, and integration.
Anya (she/her) provides ketamine-assisted therapy through Field Trip Health in Chicago, IL. She has a background in outpatient methadone therapy and community mental health counseling. Her therapy is grounded in harm reduction, trauma-informed practices, and client advocacy. She believes clients hold wisdom about their own experiences, which drives their current needs and goals. She acts as a facilitator to help clients uncover and enhance their existing strengths.Anya is a member of the queer community and spends her free time training for and running ultramarathons.
Integration groups, ketamine-assisted therapy groups, individual ketamine-assisted therapy, individual integration, individual counseling for general mental health support (not related to psychedelic experiences)