Anya Ravitz, LCPC, NCC

Mental health therapist
Chicago IL
I provide virtual individual therapy for psychedelic integration, preparation, and treatment planning through Your Identity Counseling. I also provide long and short-term individual therapy for a wide variety of presenting concerns.
Anya (any/all) has more than two years of experience providing ketamine assisted therapy and currently provides preparation and integration sessions through their private practice using a harm reduction lens. Anya has also worked with Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI) since July, 2021, helping to support students as they learn about psychedelic assisted therapy. He believes clients hold wisdom about their own experiences, which drives their current needs and goals. As a therapist, Anya acts as a facilitator to help clients uncover and enhance their existing strengths. Her clinical interests are in psychedelics, trauma, autism and other forms of neurodivergence, and queer issues. In their non-work life, they are a long-distance runner (marathons and above) and enjoy spending down-time with their cats Tabitha and Bob.
Harm reduction, individual preparation and integration, individual counseling for general mental health support (not related to psychedelic experiences)