Ari Orozco, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Dallas TX
I aim to create a sensible, chill atmosphere while we’re in session. I’ll help navigate when a direction is needed. I’m a firm believer that therapy can be fun. We can use humor to communicate and relate to one another- it’s okay to cuss in a session! I like to compare counseling to a shared storytelling experience. We’ll collaborate to create a cohesive narrative that aids you in feeling proud and empowered. We’ll discuss uncomfortable topics and make room for emotions that inevitably need light. We’ll work together to uncover hidden or missing parts in your story and add details to revisited moments. If all the world’s a stage, then therapy is the rehearsal. In a session, I will encourage you to practice living your authentic self, even when it feels messy! I have over five years of experience working in the mental health field and have served various populations, including adolescents, college students, and families struggling with addiction.
Hello! My name is Ari, and I use they/them/their pronouns. But, like many, I’m still figuring myself out! What I am certain about is that I’m a licensed clinician in the state of Texas, and I’m a proud queer individual. Professionally, I’m an LGBTQIA+-allied therapist providing safety for individuals figuring out their identity. I’m motivated to be “the person I needed when I was younger.” I strive to embody that energy every day and encourage you to do the same! I’m also a “Leo Sun“ and “Enneagram 9.”