Ariadna Uriarte, MD, MS

Medical Doctor, Neuropsychologist, Clinic Sexologist, Behavioral Cognitive Therapist
I use a holistic approach that addresses health in general, not just mental or emotional health.
Medical Doctor active since 2010, number: 7806616 (Mexico city) Master on Neuropsychology since 2018, national registration number: 20108032815 (Logroño, España). On 2018 I did the training for behavioral cognitive therapy at the Mexican Institute of Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, with 156 hours of training on adults and teenagers. On 2022 I concluded a second Master degree on Clinic Sexology and became a sex and couples therapist as well. I went trough the Integrative Psychiatry Institute program to became a Psychedelic Therapist under the guide of MAPS. I finished EMDR training in 2024 at the International EMDR Institute located in Mexico. I´ve been working as a Psychotherapist since 2018, worked with over 150 patients. I truly believe that the inner world can be such a dark place that no one should go alone.