Arielle Mesa, LCSW, RYT

Holistic Psychotherapist, Psychedelic + Spiritual Integration Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner
Gaithersburg MD
We all as human beings are walking our own individual paths, moving through the spectrum of the beautiful and the heavy, to feel more centered in ourselves and aligned with what speaks to our hearts and souls. The path back to ourselves is not one of glamour, and yet it is possible to find grace within the growing pains of expansion and change. I work with folx who are interested in diving more deeply into this reclamation and healing journey through the use of psychedelics, plant medicine, and non-ordinary states of consciousness. People who have engaged in such journeys of the mind, body, and soul and continue to arrive back at the same question, the same feeling, the same sense that the trajectory of the path they are on now is no longer in resonance. I am here to support each person's process in coming back into resonance with what their bodies, their hearts, their souls are yearning for and craving. A calling that has been overshadowed and clouded by the prioritization of the restless mind and the systemic residue we all have collected from the strong, forceful nature of outside conditioning we receive about who, what, and how we ought to be. l am here to support you in coming back into alignment with your highest self, with you. Clients have shared that I hold a warm, empathic, and attuned space for them to explore, better understand, and potentially shift in how they relate to themselves, relate to others, and connect to the world around them. I walk hand in hand with you, acting as a trusted support and collaborative guide as we traverse the path that you, your ancestors, and the spirits of the plants and the earth, la medicina, have laid before us.
Arielle describes herself as a human being of complexity. Her pronouns are she/her/hers and she identifies as a multi-racial and multi-cultural being. Arielle's own healing work has led her to create and hold a space for other folx to undertake the journey of coming back to who they truly are in wholeness. Arielle has walked through many dark nights of the soul while on her path and has journeyed strongly with grief, loss, and trauma. This has led her to face, work through, and heal some aspects of her shadow, the shadows of her ancestors, and of the collective shadow. Arielle has worked with various practices and modalities to commit to her healing, including traditional Western psychotherapy, breath-work, clinical Qigong, acupuncture, Curanderismo, spiritual mentorship, therapeutic massage, Usui Reiki, Hatha Yoga, and the sacred plant medicines, spirits, and teachers of South and North America. Through her personal exploration and experience with each of these modalities, Arielle has connected with the importance expanding and shifting the scope of what western society considers to be healing and supportive of one's health and well-being. There are many modalities beyond "evidence-based western psychotherapeutic modalities" that have demonstrated their efficacy in supporting one's healing of self for centuries. While Arielle is a trained Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and has formal experience in Western psychotherapeutic modalities from a trauma-sensitive perspective, her personal and professional experiences with other sacred healing practices have afforded her a unique lens and presence to support those who also seek to heal in a more expansive and holistic way. In particular, Arielle's personal experiences with sacred plant medicine, the plant spirits, and the plant teachers of the Amazon jungle have inspired her to create a grounded, informed, and supportive container for individuals who wish to unpack and more deeply process and integrate their experiences with such medicine and other non-ordinary states in a way that weaves the lessons, insights, and teachings into daily life practice.
Psychedelic and Spiritual Integration Sessions, Distance Reiki Healing Sessions, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga