Arielle Mesa, LCSW

Psychospiritual Psychotherapist & Psychedelic Coach
Gaithersburg MD
Arielle serves those who continue to arrive back at the same question, the same feeling, the same sense that the trajectory of the path they are on now is no longer in resonance. She supports each person's process of recalibrating to what their bodies, their hearts, their souls are yearning for - a calling that may have been consistently overshadowed and clouded by the prioritization of the restless mind and the systemic residue accumulated from the strong, forceful nature of conditioning received about who, what, and how one ought to be. Arielle believes that path back to ourselves is not one of glamour, and yet it is possible to find grace and beauty within the growing pains of expansion and change. Clients have shared that Arielle holds a warm, empathic, and attuned space for them to explore, better understand, and potentially shift how they relate to themselves, to others, and to the world around them. Arielle walks hand in hand with you, acting as a trusted support and steady presence to traverse the path that you are calling before you.
Arielle shares her ancestral roots with the Hebrew, Muisca, Basque, Slavic, and Celtic people. She holds a deep level of respect and gratitude in reciprocity for the wisdom and teachings of her ancestors, plant and animal teachers, and the Indigenous Medicine Keepers and Teachers of the Shipibo, Toltecca, Mazateca, and Santo Daime lineages and traditions. Over the past decade, Arielle has been dedicated to supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds in navigating the often invisible wounds of their past. These wounds have included experiences of childhood abuse and neglect, complex grief and loss, relational trauma, sexual and domestic violence, and a myriad of other challenges that impact one’s well-being. In addition to her work as a somatic psychotherapist, Arielle serves as a plant medicine macro-dose and integration consultant and assists individuals in the preparation and integration of their plant medicine journeys. Her approach is rooted in respectfully maintaining the original Indigenous teachings and rituals of plant medicine ceremony that have been practiced for centuries. Arielle’s rich tapestry of healing experiences and knowledge is at the heart of her mission to facilitate individual, ancestral, and collective healing through work done at Sacred Space.
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