Arsalan Azam, MD

Medical Director
San Diego CA
Clients receive treatment in person, but are encouraged to maintain contact between treatments via cell or email to help facilitate an effective transformation
Dr. Arsalan Azam is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician and medical director of Daydream MD. He attended medical school as a Dean's Scholar at Case Western Medical School and completed his clinical rotations at the Cleveland Clinic. He attended residency in Emergency Medicine at Metropolitan/Harlem Emergency Medicine Residency. Subsequently he worked as an emergency medicine physician around the country, including as a relief physician for hospitals which are impacted by staffing shortages. During his time as a physician, Dr. Azam has dealt with numerous psychiatric emergencies and wanted to do more to help his patients, which inspired him to start Daydream MD to provide affordable, effective, state of the art psychedelic and mental health solutions to his community.
Ketamine infusions, intramuscular ketamine, ketamine lozenges, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy We also prescribed for trained therapists to support their ketamine-assisted psychotherapy practices