Aryan Sarparast, MD

Portland OR
As a board certified psychiatrist and medical doctor, Dr. Sarparast's main contribution is to offer a risk assessment for those intending to use psychedelics. His goal in this is to educate and empower individuals to make informed rational decisions about their own psychedelic use in an effort to reduce harm. He is passionate about providing thoughtful consideration of one's mind, body, and spirit when it comes to approaching the powerful tool known as psychedelics. In this vein, he works hard to provide thorough assessment of one's medical and psychiatric history, including reviewing their medications, family history, mental health history, and so on, to provide education on the individual's risks. Dr. Sarparast does not and cannot recommend the use of psychedelic substances. He generally does not provide a "green light" or medical clearance from a doctor to use psychedelics. Dr. Sarparast deeply enjoys working with people of color, queer folks, immigrants, and children of immigrants; he believes these marginalized populations should be at the front of the line for services whenever possible.
***CURRENTLY Dr. Sarparast is NOT offering client consultations with Penumbra, however as of Summer 2023 he will be providing virtual client consultations for those residing in Oregon, through the newly created Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Psilocybin Consultation Clinic by billing insurance rather than incurring an out-of-pocket cost. He will only offer consultation related to psilocybin. To be placed on our waitlist, please call the OHSU Adult Psychiatry Clinic at 503-494-8613 and share that you’d like to self-refer for a psilocybin consultation with Dr. Sarparast. *** Dr. Aryan Sarparast (he/him/his) is a board-certified psychiatrist who practices medication management and psychotherapy for those enduring mental illness. He practices in Portland, Oregon, USA, both as Assistant Faculty at Oregon Health & Science University as well as in his own psychedelic consultation practice: Penumbra Psychedelic Consultation. He grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia in an immigrant household, later obtaining his B. Sci. in Psychology at the University of Oregon and moving on to get his M.D. at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. He returned to Oregon to complete his four-year residency training in psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University. He is an ongoing collaborator with the Social Neuroscience and Psychotherapy Lab led by his research mentor, Dr. Chris Stauffer, with whom he has published on the topic of psychedelic drug interactions with psychiatric drugs. He is a Study Physician for a MAPS-sponsored trial on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment of social anxiety led by principle investigator and founder of the Portland Psychotherapy Center, Dr. Jason Luoma. Although he sounds like a square and accepts that he looks like one, he is not-so-secretly a huge fan of all things nerd. Whether it's the psychoanalytic underpinnings of hit anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, bopping to John Coltrane, or stumbling through role playing gaming, he's into it.
*Client-centered consultation for folks interested in psychedelics who wish to obtain a comprehensive psychiatric assessment, review of their medications, education about their risk factors, and harm reduction education regarding their intended or ongoing psychedelic use. *Consultation to established and up-and-coming Oregon Psilocybin Service Centers and Training Programs interested in better understanding the medical and psychiatric considerations to keep their clients safe. *Case consultation to therapists, providers, medical professionals, spiritual leaders, and so on, who are interested in a review of their client's medical records, assessing their risk, understanding careful interpersonal dynamics, and set & setting considerations.