Ash Anthony, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Seattle WA
I hold a consent and evidence based, trauma-informed container for anyone in need of psychedelic support. Our work together will be informed by utilizing a balance of holistic practices such as Mindfulness, Somatic Therapy, Metaphysics, and modern empirical counseling modalities such as Expressive Arts, Narrative Therapy, Neuroscience, Psycho-education, CBT, EMDR and CPT. The integration therapy service offered is part preparation (we meet before your ceremony to establish intention) and part processing (integration of material from the experience). Psychedelic Integration is customized to fit the individual and is similar to talk therapy. During integration we may utilize components of somatic therapy to navigate challenging emotions, EMDR to help process complex material, family of origin work to address ancestral and family patterns, internalized oppression frameworks to better understand and embody your lived experience, and behavioral psychology to help support behavior change. Psychedelic support is offered weekly or bi-monthly for 2-3 months, and the topic of one’s use of psychedelics is the focus of these sessions. I have helped many clients with a wide range of psychedelic use including Iboga, Ketamine Assisted Therapy, Ayahuasca ceremonies, cannabis use, micro-dosing, macro-dosing, and other psychedelics.
I believe that everyone has the ability to access experiences of inner peace, genuine self knowing and love, and a deep connection to the larger system that surrounds us in the universe, connecting us all through the invisible fabric of life. Sometimes there is just too much in the way to find this place of home within ourselves, and that’s where therapy can help bring us back into flow and alignment with ourselves. I am currently licensed as a professional LMFT in Washington State, and I hold a Master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy from Antioch University Seattle. For years, I’ve worked with adults and relationships navigating life transitions, burnout, creative blocks, psychedelic support and harm reduction, family dynamics and ancestor work, sexuality, gender expression, internalized oppression, spirituality, trauma processing, shame and self discovery. With a combined 10 years of experience in mindfulness, Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Buddhist meditation practices, yoga and the arts, I will lean into my body of knowledge with empirically researched modalities to best support you. To maintain my integrity as a professional therapist and an ethical practice, I attend monthly supervision in contemplative psychotherapy and internalized oppression. Completed Trainings: *MAPS MDMA assisted therapy practitioner (trainee) *EMDR level 2 *Somatic Therapy *Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy *Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD *Trauma Informed Yoga Certified Instructor