Ash Anthony, LMFTA

Marriage and Family Therapist
Seattle WA
Learning to work with difficult emotions and thoughts is often not taught in our schools or in parenting, but it is an essential tool for navigating life. As a psychotherapist, I genuinely enjoy the creative process involved in utilizing our imaginative minds and felt sensations in our bodies to uncouple thoughts and feelings, allowing for the emotional energy to pass through our systems without judgment, attachment or aversion. After we sit with what is, we can return to our thoughts to help us construct new meaning of these emotional experiences. My experience and training in CPT, Mindfulness and Hakomi can be utilized to support processing mood states, traumatic experiences, and body sensations that may come up when unpacking non-ordinary states of consciousness. I also find humor to be a useful tool for breaking down rigid barriers in how we relate to self and others.
Becoming a psychotherapist was a career choice that required intention, self inquiry, and careful consideration for me to pursue, but the path was clear. Helping others on their healing journey was integral to my own healing, and would be a direct vehicle to help free other human beings from the trappings of their own minds. I believe that everyone has the ability to access experiences of inner peace, deep knowledge, and connection to the larger system that surround us in the universe, connecting us all through the invisible fabric of life. I earned my master’s degree at Antioch University in Seattle, Washington in Couples and Family Therapy. I have completed trainings in EMDR, CPT, Hakomi, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.