Ash Anthony, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Seattle WA
Currently MDMA and Psilocybin are not legal in the United States, and I do not offer these compounds as a therapy modality at this time. Although there is a lot of buzz and evidence that these compounds are helpful for mental wellness and PTSD recovery, they are still in the final phases of trials and FDA approval, and have not yet been made legal for therapy. Please only inquire for Preparation and Integration support or Ketamine Assisted Therapy, as I will not be able to support you with anything that is currently illegal. If MDMA is rescheduled and completes the necessary steps to become a legal therapy, I will have the training necessary to hold space for those experiences if you meet criteria for PTSD. Until MDMA is approved by the FDA, I will be unable to be present with you during an MDMA experience or any other illegal psychedelic. What I can offer is psychological support, education around vetting your provider, research and information supported by current evidence that will reduce harm, preparation and integration support and ongoing psychotherapy that can support what you have experienced in a journey. I hold a consent and evidence based, trauma-informed space for anyone in need of psychedelic support. It is my intention as your therapist to help ensure that you can have a safe and beneficial psychedelic experience through harm reduction, education and psychological support.
I work as psychotherapist in Seattle, and I have studied Psychology, Buddhist contemplative practices, psychedelic therapy, expanded states of consciousness and creativity as an agent for healing for over 10 years. I am currently licensed as a professional LMFT in Washington State, and earned a MA in Couples and Family Therapy from Antioch University Seattle with an emphasis on family systems therapy, couple’s therapy, sexuality, internalized oppression, addiction psychology and PTSD. I offer Hakomi, Somatic Therapy, IFS, Psychedelic Support, Transpersonal Therapy, EMDR, Relational and Couples Therapy, and more. My approach incorporates a relational lens and gently expanded states of consciousness to access the wisdom that transpires when the body and psyche are in alignment. Through integration of the body and psyche, you may uncover and begin to repair imbalances that contribute to symptoms of anxiety, depression, disconnection, feelings of overwhelm, chronic busyness, relational dissatisfaction, stress induced illness, or feeling stuck and unmotivated to cultivate the life you desire. I creatively weave together a practiced knowledge of Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Contemplative and Buddhist Psychology, Internalized Family Systems, Gestalt Therapy, neuroscience, yoga and expressive arts. I will lean into my body of knowledge with empirically researched modalities to best support you and guide our therapy experience from a holistic approach that honors the many dimensions of your human experience. Trainings and Education: MAPS MDMA Assisted Therapy Trainee EMDR level 1 and 2 Hakomi Somatic Therapy level 1 (completed) and level 2 (in progress) Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy via Telos Tranformational Therapies and Polaris Insight Holotropic Breathwork through Grof Legacy Trainings Trauma Informed Yoga Certified Instructor Northwest Creative & Expressive Arts Institute Reiki Level 1