Asheville Integrative Psychiatry

Candler NC
We use guided nature connection on our secluded retreat to prepare and ground our clients for the psychedelic terrain ahead. Afterwards, we offer a personalized combination of tools and practices to facilitate integration and embodiment of your experience. Integration may involve nature connection, therapeutic dance, artistic expression, or sensory processing, depending on your unique intentions and journey. We also encourage clients to extend their time at the sanctuary following their ketamine session, taking time to journal, listen to music, or just be in nature. Extended integration services are available as needed/requested.
In our wooded, 16-acre retreat in the foothills of Mount Pisgah, we keep nature immersion at the heart of every encounter with our clients. Using both indoor and outdoor offices, we offer integrative psychiatry consultations and treatment from our board-certified integrative psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and therapists. When appropriate, we provide psychedelic-assisted therapy combined with nature immersion work. Our small forested watershed with its flowers and fireflies is a sacred space and is invitation-only for our clients. Our mission is to empower people to access their innate ability to heal through facilitating connection to self, to community, and the natural environment. We believe that the foundations of self healing are a strong connection to nature and an integrative approach to healthcare that embraces both ancient and emerging perspectives. We also believe that joy is good for our health and that creating joy is meaningful work.
We offer a 4-6 session intensive KAP protocol (sublingual or intramuscular dosing) for clients with treatment resistant depression, PTSD, addiction, eating disorder, OCD and other ruminative disorders. These clients may continue with regular maintenance or booster sessions after they complete the protocol. We also offer a KAP experiential group for Healers to support those in the field of mental health, health care, acupuncture, massage or energy work.