Ashley Annestedt, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Evergreen CO
My approach to therapy is largely focused on modern forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, particularly Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT promotes mindful changes in behavior that are directed by the patient’s personal values. Keeping up to date with research is a priority in my practice and I strive to offer the most effective and evidence based forms of treatments, while being mindful that all patients are unique and come to treatment with differing needs. I am passionate about the emerging potential of psychedelics as a stand alone treatment option or as a supplement to more traditional forms of therapy. I approach work with my patients from a compassionate, non-judgmental stance, while also guiding them towards a meaningful life, despite life’s difficulties. Although the majority of patient’s that I see for Psychedelic Integration have OCD, Anxiety, or a related mental health issue, I also see patients who do not have a diagnosis and are seeking to integrate their psychedelic journey in order to connect the dots, find meaning, and incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives.
Ashley is the owner and clinical director of Beyond Borders CBT, a teletherapy group practice serving 12 states and various countries, specializing in OCD, Anxiety, Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors & Psychedelic Integration. Ashley is licensed in 6 US states, but lives in central Mexico where psychedelic practices are an integral part of the culture. She specializes in modern forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, particularly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which provides a valuable framework for Psychedelic Integration. Ashley received her undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis then accepted a life-changing opportunity to work in East Africa. The experience in Africa was the catalyst for her interest in mental health. Returning to the US, she then received her graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Tennessee where she was a national LEND fellow (Leadership & Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) and received comprehensive training in modern forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Ashley has completed various academic and experiential trainings in Psychedelic Integration both in the US and abroad and has particular interest in the intersection of traditional treatments for Anxiety disorders and Psychedelics.