Ashley Mannell, NP

Nurse Practitioner
Richmond VA
I work with clients one-on-one and in groups. I offer individual ketamine-assisted therapy as well as group KAP in my practice in Richmond, VA. All new patients meet with me for a 90-120 minute initial consultation and then together we decide the best next steps. I offer medication management, supportive therapy, as well psychedelic journey preparation and integration sessions. Most of my follow-up appointments are 30-60 minutes depending on what my patient and I are working on. Follow-up appointments can be done in-person or via telemedicine.
I've been a psychiatric nurse practitioner since 2012. My previous career was as a registered dietitian but I decided on career change in 2009 after the birth of my first daughter. My background and work experience in nutrition really helped influence my commitment to integrative and holistic psychiatry once I began practicing-- which led me to become certified as a practitioner of functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2017. I've always been looking for additional tools and treatment modalities with which to help my patients which is why I've completed certification in mind-body medicine, Compassionate Inquiry, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and am now beginning my training in holotropic breathwork through the Grog Legacy Project. I began my training in ketamine-assisted therapy in June 2021 and have since completed 2 year-long programs in psychedelic-assisted therapy as well as coursework and participation in consultation groups related to various aspects of psychedelic-assisted therapy (i.e. integration, preparation, psychopharmacology, harm reduction, group work, etc). I practice in both Richmond, VA and Denver, CO.
Women's Group Ketamine-Assisted Therapy