Ashley Tomasino, DAOM, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist and Maestra
Escondido CA
Dr. Tomasino works with clients in sacred retreats, starting with supporting them in dieta. She focuses on building community, rapport and alliance before addressing specific ailments.
Dr. Ashley Tomasino, DAOM, LAc is one of the only shipibo trained acupuncturists in the world. Dr. Tomasino has completed over 2.5 years of isolation and dieta in the shipibo tradition, and survived and thrived beyond an intense period of integration into life. She is the author of several books including Between Zen and Now, a Journey through the modern shamanic matrix and soon to be published, The Journey. She is the founder and lead Maestra at the Inner Compass Church, the first and only TCM and TAPM (Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine) church in the world that combines the philosophy of acupuncture with the cosmology of shipibo shamanism and Celtic-Core shamanic practices. She is a graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she received her Masters and later her Doctorate from Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her Doctoral thesis research was on the correlation between Chinese medicine and ayahuasca shamanism for the treatment of depression. Dr. Tomasino has been teaching and working in the shamanic healing arts since 2011, and has been working as a pain management specialist in urgent care since 2016. She specializes in pain management and integrative trauma healing techniques developed from traditional and modern practices.
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