Ashley Whelan, LCPC

Licensed Psychotherapist
Carlsbad CA
I help you get to the root of where most of your challenges stem from. From there, we collaboratively develop a plan of tools and modalities for you to use during our time together. Our sessions are focused on unraveling from past experiences, generational trauma and cumulative stress so you can feel uplifted, empowered and free in your day to day life.
Hi, I'm Ashley, a licensed trauma therapist, psychedelic assisted therapist and empowerment coach based in San Diego, California. With over a decade of experience in the counseling field, I've helped hundreds of people unwind from trauma and stress in the body to access deeper levels of healing and lasting change. I bring a wealth of passion and expertise to the emerging field of psychedelic assisted therapy for trauma healing. I believe that psychedelics hold the potential to catalyze us into our highest evolution when explored with intention and reverence. After years of studying non-ordinary states of consciousness and trauma healing, I began to explore the therapeutic benefits of plant medicines such as cannabis. I developed the Cannabis Infused Embodiment Practice, a revolutionary approach integrating cannabis with breath, movement and sound that produces psychedelic experiences. This practice shifts the paradigm of cannabis use into an intentional healing experience that helps you connect with the wisdom of your body, release physical tension, deepen your intuition and feel more trusting within yourself. I consider myself a teacher and a forever-student of the human psyche. I am always inspired by the human spirit and our innermost drive to heal, which motivates my mission to help you reconnect with your authentic Self, discover your gifts and awaken to your true potential.