Ashtin Green, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Colorado Springs CO
I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read through my profile. Over the course of my career as a clinical therapist, I have dedicated my time and energy to helping children, adolescents, and adults navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges. My approach is from a trauma-focused lens with the ultimate goal of harm reduction. In working within this delicate framework, it is incredibly important for me to build a safe, supportive, and trusting relationship with the people that I work with. I do my best to take an empathetic and non-judgmental approach. I strive to find a balance between working hard to succeed at your goals and creating a calm, creative, and sometimes humorous therapeutic environment.
As a Colorado native, I have been practicing therapy here for approximately 14 years with my background primarily being in complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I have experience with childhood development, bonding and attachment, family violence, sexual abuse and assault as well as grief and loss. I help clients work on issues related to stress, emotional regulation, relationships, self-harm, or suicidal ideation. Additionally, I enjoy working with clients to understand how early experiences may have contributed to our development, our core beliefs, values, how we operate in relationships and so much more. While working with such heavy material at times, I find it so important to have balance. I like to take a calm and laid back approach with my clients. Humor is healing too! In my free time, I enjoy hiking, yoga, music and spending time with my family and friends.
Ketamine-assisted Therapy for individuals and groups Psychedelic Integration Yoga Therapy