Ashvind Adkins Singh, PhD

Psychedleics Therapist & Coach, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach
Charlottesville VA
Personal services should not only be designed to promote mental and physical health and wellness, but also help individuals grow and adapt to change. I think of education, treatment, and support as the foundation of my health and wellness services that range across the spectrum of prevention, intervention and maintenance. My approach is based on the integration of mind and body rather than independent organs or systems divided by specialties or functions. Having a common framework as the foundation of our work helps my interdisciplinary team effectively communicate across specialties and uniquely allows us to address specific challenges across multiple facets of life, effectively identify and evaluate options and opportunities, design more effective treatments, and, ultimately, solve problems.
I grew up in the South Pacific and has been interested in alternative and complimentary medicine since I was a child watching my grandmother help and heal others using ayurvedic practices. I received my doctorate from Louisiana State University where I majored in clinical psychology and minored in neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. I have worked in nursing homes, developmental centers, psychiatric hospitals, and community mental health centers. I am also an executive coach and have consulted for hospitals, foster care systems, local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as private organizations around the world. I have over 70 publications, presented and trained clients all over the globe, and am passionate about the power of education and healing. I was fortunate enough to have traveled around the world when I was younger and before moving to the United States. My parents were academics and teachers and my sister and I spent the better part of each year traveling around the world experiencing things and people as they are. Seeing people live and being part of their environment was an invaluable experience that taught me humility, patience, kindness, and that, although health and healing looks different across cultures, the root of it all is the easing of suffering for individuals, their loved ones, and the communities in which they live.