Augustina Rueda, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker
New York City NY
I work with clients in a collaborative and supportive manner to address specific concerns and promote personal growth. I create a safe and trusting environment where the client feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I work with clients to help integrate insights, emotions and experiences into their daily life. We use verbal processing, exploration of themes and make connections to the clients personal history and goals. We explore these themes to gain a deeper understanding of the insights and emotions that emerge and integrate into their daily lives.
I earned my Masters of Social Work at New York University in 2000. I am actively engaged in the psychedelic community and am continuing my studies in the field. I am passionate about the use of psychedelic medicine to improve human health and overall well being. I am excited about the potential to transform mental healthcare. I have experience working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and life stages, and have extensive experience in family work.
Licenced in CA, CT, NY