Avery Macierowski, LMHCA

Chapel Hill NC
Avery believes that you are the expert on you and your situation, while he is the expert on the process of healing. Therapy works best when in collaboration to understand your underlying motivations behind your issue(s) and create transformational change. After exploring and identifying several parts of your personality, Avery will coach you on how to engage with yourself and others in a new healthier way.
I hold a Masters of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of the District of Columbia (HBCU). I completed practicum and internship at the Whitman Walker Health Clinic in Washington DC. Avery’s primary specialty is Internal Family Systems (IFS), an evidence based theoretic approach that is unique to many other types of therapy. He is also trained in Gestalt techniques and am also an approved clinician to work with Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)s by Dr. Elaine Aaron. INFJ, Enneagram 4
Individual Counseling Group Counseling