Avishai Rozen, LCSW

New York City NY
With my background in music, I ask questions with an open heart and mind, and make space for that which is beyond words. I understand the psychedelic experience first hand, and make space for the entire spectrum of emotions and insights that may arise from it. As an immigrant, I understand the many challenges that arise from being in an unfamiliar place, far from home, or feeling alienated from the dominant culture for any variety of reasons. I am fluent in Hebrew and practice bilingual therapy.
I am a psychotherapist, musician and a believer in the healing powers of the psychedelic experience. In my practice, I blend a variety of approaches which aim to touch the realms of the body, the psyche and the spirit. I am highly influenced by Jungian and Lacanian psychoanalytic thought, as well as by Eastern spiritual practices.
Individual therapy, Group integration therapy.