Ben G, BHlthSc, MPH, GradDipPsych, CPAT

Psychedelic Practitioner
Byron Bay NSW
I assess participants for suitability and exclusions, and get to know them to understand what has brought them to this treatment. I carry out a preparation session via Zoom (or in person) and provide a detailed preparation guide. Because 'set and setting' are vital elements of psychedelic therapy, I also help participants go into their sessions with a mindset conducive to valuable outcomes (eg. approaching the experience with curiosity and openness to challenging insights). I advise on, and curate, optimal setting for the psychedelic experience, including powerful soundtrack journeys. My paramedic background informs my ethical care, medical assessment and harm minimisation. I'm equipped with a medical kit and defibrillator for the unlikely event of health emergencies . In the session I am fully present and actively attune to participants. After the session I facilitate Phase 1 integration and refer participants to essential Phase 2 psychotherapy with expert psychedelic integration therapists. Process in summary: (1) Assessment of client suitability, then preparation with reading material and consultation (2) Offer of safety and attentive presence for acute psychedelic sessions (3) Support integration psychotherapy with thoughtful referral and followup I mainly work with psilocybin. But I believe the non-psychedelic elements of this approach are essential for effectiveness and harm reduction, so I will only work with those engaging in therapy or willing to accept a referral to psychedelic psychotherapists.
I am a psychedelic practitioner with a background in emergency medical care. For more than 26 years I have worked as a frontline paramedic in Australia and abroad, as well as roles in primary health care and development of pre-hospital systems in low-middle income nations. My interests in recent years has been integrative health approaches, mental health of first responders and veterans, and the healing benefits of psychedelics. In my work I acknowledge traditional custodians of the land and their relationship with sacred plant medicines. Although I recognise the history of indigenous use of psychedelics, I am a non-indigenous graduate of MMI's Certificate of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (CPAT) and engage the therapeutic research model. Testimonials 'So much clarity, so many breakthroughs. It was a phenomenal experience. I've been in tears of gratitude since. The impact of just one session has been profound and I only wish every human could receive this kind of healing.' Brianna 'The safety, reassurance and care Ben provided allowed me to really go deep into the extraordinary experience.' Sam
Psychedelic preparation, harm reduction eduction and consultation on 'set and setting' Safety, presence and medical/psychological supervision in psychedelic sessions Phase 1 integration and referral to Phase 2 psychotherapy and followup