Ben Hearn, PhD, LPCC-S

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor - Supervisor
Pittsburgh PA
Regardless of which approaches I use with my clients, I regard clients as the experts in their own lives and do my best to approach each therapeutic relationship with a beginner’s mind. In our first session, I'll work to establish an atmosphere of curiosity, trust, openness, and respect to get a better understanding of you and your strengths, goals, and needs. We'll use a combination of talk and experiential approaches to best fit your needs at the time. As our work progresses, I encourage clients to develop their mindfulness skills outside of session and consider this to be very helpful in IFS work. As we explore and discuss your issues more in-depth, I'll provide a safe environment to approach uncomfortable areas or topics. When approaching these areas during experiential sessions, I'll hold space and witness while guiding you through any difficult emotions that arise. I deeply value the relationships I have with my clients and work and consider myself to be privileged and honored to be able to do the work I do.
I have been interested in psychedelics, meditation, and transpersonal psychology since I was introduced to the topics as an undergraduate student in philosophy and cognitive science and have been practicing mindfulness meditation since. I recently completed my Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision, where I focused primarily on issues related to psychedelic-assisted therapies. I conducted my dissertation on the experiences of people who identify as queer and use psychedelics in naturalistic settings, with the aim of developing better approaches to psychedelic integration within this population. I also currently work as an Cohort Integration Leader for Naropa University's Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy training program I enjoy bringing brain-based understandings to these areas and find neuroscience to be an equally interesting, if not valid, approach to understanding consciousness in its infinitely varying forms. I have presented on psychedelic-assisted therapy, LGBTQ+ issues, and trauma informed care at local, national, and international conferences as well as published several seminal articles on psychedelic-assisted therapies within the counseling field. In my clinical work, I have practiced since 2016 in a wide variety of settings including community agencies, schools, private practice, and wilderness therapy. Most of my clinical focus has been in trauma, depression, and anxiety, though I am looking forward to being able provide integration services to those who need them. I particularly enjoy working with members of the LGBTQ+ community around issues related to spirituality and spiritual trauma. If you are interested in services, you can request a consult time through my website:
I provide Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy services in a relatively brief, intensive format. This program typically involves a psychological assessment, 4 preparation sessions, and alternating between 6 KAP Experiential sessions and Integration sessions.