Ben Medrano, MD

New York City NY
Dr. Ben Medrano's approach is a unique blend of evidence-based complementary alternative or “integrative” medicine with transpersonal psychology viewed, in part, through the lens of Buddhist theory of consciousness as well as modalities used within psychedelic assisted therapy frameworks. He takes a collaborative approach towards tailoring an individualized, evidence-based care plan that includes lifestyle adjustment, therapy and medication when warranted. As a compliment to therapy, he encourages and provides in-depth instruction on mindfulness techniques for coping and self actualization. He also provides ketamine assisted therapy either individually or in partnership with his teams at Field Trip Health.
Dr. Ben Medrano is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in Integrative Psychiatry, Ketamine Assisted Therapy and Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration. He received his MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine with additional training in the Urban Underserved Track (CU-UNITE). His time there was marked with multiple awards including their President’s Scholarship, the Adler Mentored Scholarly Activity Award, and the Medical Alumni Award. He completed his psychiatric residency training within the Mount Sinai Hospital system in New York City and spent years working for the urban underserved particularly in East Harlem Assertive Community Treatment performing daily home visits for high risk consumers before focusing on the use of psychedelics in mental health. Dr. Medrano is most known for his work with ketamine assisted therapy and is the former Senior Vice President and US Medical Director of Field Trip Health - the largest in-office ketamine assisted therapy practice to date. He continues to sponsor Field Trip clinics as a local medical director at multiple sites on the East Coast allowing him to further the field of psychedelic assisted therapy and research. Click here to see him speak about this work. In addition to multiple annual conference speaking engagements, he continues to lecture at Mount Sinai Beth Israel where he teaches physicians on the utility of mindfulness meditation, ketamine and psychedelics for mental health. He also continues to be a spokesperson for psychedelics for mental health and wellness in general. His work, insight and advice have been covered in a number of articles including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Forbes, Business Insider, NY Magazine, The New York Post, Cheddar, The Houston Chronicle, HealthLine, VeryWellMind, YahooFinance, The Dales Report, The Zoe Report, and numerous others.