Benjamin Kagedan, PsyD

Psychedelic Therapist
Philadelphia PA
Psychedelic healing is more than just a matter of taking the right dose of a certain plant or compound the right number of times. Just as important is the way we take the medicine. It does not simply act on us, fixing whatever we deem wrong inside; rather we must partner with the medicine to help it help us have the opening we need. In my approach to psychedelic work, I draw upon the knowledge and experience I have accrued both as a healer and as seeker of healing to facilitate a meaningful encounter between you and the medicine, combining three healing factors: fostering of insight into the impact of early developmental wounding and later trauma on personality and emotional health; bringing body-centered mindfulness to the the work to deepen the process and amplify the medicine's gifts; and bringing in the intentional use of ritual and sacred space to invite and encourage the spiritual potential of the medicine.
I am a licensed clinical psychologist, certified teacher and practitioner of Hakomi mindful-somatic psychotherapy, music-maker, husband, father, and advocate for making psychedelic medicine available to all human beings. I have been studying the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicine for the last five years, and am about to complete certification in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute in Boulder, CO. I believe that psychedelic medicines, when taken with intention and safety, can powerfully support our efforts to heal from emotional trauma and awaken our innate resilience and joy.