Beth Haessig, PsyD

Denville Township NJ
Deep work cannot occur until my clients feel safe. This means feeling comfortable not only in my presence but within themselves. I help people get to know their internal experience: to track it, to follow it, to nurture it. As a body-centered psychologist, I help you get out of your head and live in your heart and pelvis. This means, moving out of story, narratives, belief systems and unconscious assumptions which keep you from living in this very moment. Learning how to be here now, will enable you to find yourself as peace, as love, or as whatever is showing up in your life. Psychedelic integration allows you to use the medicine, not be used by it. By paying attention to your intention and your moment to moment experience, you direct consciousness to open where you need to go to heal, both psychologically and spiritually.
I am a licensed psychologist, a body-centered psychotherapist and a certified yoga therapist. As former president of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, I am deeply aligned with the value of body-centered psychology where I trained six years beyond the doctorate. This somatic work allows me to work with intense emotional states and energy blocks within the body that affect our ability to be spontaneous and authentic. I have been in private practice since 1999 in various capacities, working with children and families, and then adults since 2008. I am open to helping individuals get the support they need from their pre/post ceremonial realizations.