Toronto ON
My work is client-focused, going wherever we need to go at whatever pace is necessary. I am transparent yet empathetic and gentle, yet challenging based on the strength of the therapeutic relationship. I am active and present, encouraging my patients to become so as well.
I have often shared that highschool theatre saved my life. I carried that forward into university, at first on the path towards a BFA in theatre, but soon I realized that I was here for more. I had always been fascinated by Jung and his theory about the Collective Unconscious, and my capacity for empathy has gone fairly unmatched (hello, trauma). I combined my love of theatre and psychology, obtaining a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy (Drama Therapy), and thus began my 20 year journey of self discovery, with many patients who I hopefully helped but who were also my teachers. It wasn't until almost 20 years later, when, fascinated by a client's experience with Ayahuasca, that I decided to discover for myself what had been so magical for her. Two nights of torture and I was sold. It was the most validating experience of my life as well as the most cathartic. Everything that I knew I was 'supposed' to be doing as a therapist had been facilitated by Mother Aya. It changed my life. And my practice. Through more Aya sessions as well as psilocybin, MDMA, and LSD, I continued to deepen my connection and understanding of self. I, like so many others, discovered what had always been on the edge of my awareness, that I had been a child victim of sexual abuse. Although difficult to acknowledge, the medicine allowed me to finally put the puzzle pieces together and understand ME. It was a great gift. I have since trained with ATMA in Advanced Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, as well as followed Mother Aya's direction in the area of quantum healing, which allows me to catalyze patients to connect and heal with or without the medicine, continuing their journey. I call it psychedelics 'lite'. I am honored and excited to do this work, and will continue to explore and learn for the rest of my life.