Dr Bianca Sebben, PhD

Brisbane QLD
As a psychologist, my approach to wellbeing is holistic in that it incorporates body, mind, spirit, community, and environment, which I learnt from having the privilege to work within Indigenous communities, both locally and abroad. I work at the pace of the client, with the utmost respect for all parts of the self. My approach is to 'be with' rather than 'do for,' as a supportive presence and guide on your journey. I regularly engage in professional development, to ensure that I am up to date with current evidence- based practices.
I am a psychologist based in Brisbane, Queensland with a special interest in complex trauma, dissociation and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. My interest in psychedelics began when I was in Mexico completing my PhD in Indigenous Psychology, where I became interested in traditional methods of healing, including plant medicines, and the need to facilitate access to traditional methods of healing to make our medical system more culturally safe and accessible. ​My journey towards becoming a psychologist has required me to step into a place of vulnerability, to practice compassion for all parts of the self and to honour and accept my authenticity. I endeavour to support my clients to do the same so that they can live harmoniously with a more integrated sense of self.