Bill Brennan, PhD

New York City NY
I support people in living lives that feel richer, livelier, and more manageable. I work best with those who want to know every aspect of themselves more deeply – particularly those who make psychedelics part of their path toward wholeness. From what I’ve seen, those who walk this path with support find it most rewarding. I would be honored by the opportunity to offer my support to you. Together, we'll invite and process all your feelings, hopes, and pains. In my experience, this is a great way to connect with yourself, your inherent worth, and your reasons for being who you are. As we do this work together, you will likely feel more capacity for facing the challenges, worries, and losses in your life. I have special expertise in supporting people who use psychedelics as part of their healing journey. This includes people who are considering whether psychedelics are right for them, who are preparing to use a psychedelic, or who are seeking to integrate an experience. However, I do not provide psychedelic medicines or make referrals to those who do.
I am a psychologist, psychedelic researcher, educator, and author in New York City. I’ve served as a trainer and clinical supervisor to therapists on psychedelic clinical trials and have co-authored several psychedelic treatment manuals. I co-developed the EMBARK model of psychedelic therapy with Dr. Alex Belser and am a core faculty member in the EMBARK psychedelic facilitator training program. Dr. Belser and I authored a comprehensive guide to psychedelic treatment entitled "EMBARK Psychedelic Therapy for Depression: A New Approach for the Whole Person," which will be published by Oxford University Press in April 2024. I currently serve as a consultant to Cybin and Gilgamesh, two prominent psychedelic research companies, and I am a trainer at Fluence. I got my master’s in clinical psychology from Seattle University in 2008 and my PhD in counseling psychology from Fordham University in 2022. I’ve done most of my graduate training at New York University’s Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis and Jacobi Medical Center. I’ve worked in a variety of treatment settings, such as outpatient clinics, addiction treatment clinics, psychiatric inpatient units, medical rehab and oncology units, supportive housing and shelters, and trauma treatment clinics.