Bill Gallagher, PT, CMT, CYT, CPTR

Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Tai Chi Teacher, Baguazhang Teacher, Qigong Teacher, Somatic Therapist
New York City NY
My patients each have a task that can be likened to climbing a mountain. I am like an experienced Sherpa. If I could drag you up the mountain, I would do that in a heartbeat. I have tried many times in my career and can tell you that it does not work. You need to be engaged in the climbing for our collaboration to be fruitful. It is likely that I have helped other people climb mountains similar to the one you are faced with now. Hopefully, my experience and knowledge will serve you with shortcuts up the mountain. It is likely that some of my ideas will be brilliantly on the mark as evidenced by significant and fast progress. Some others may be unhelpful-irritating or ineffectual. Your willingness to "walk the path" is every bit as important as my ability to come up with pragmatic ways for you to get up the mountain. Once you have worked (or maybe relaxed) your way up the mountain, how do you stay up there? That could mean keeping PTSD symptoms like nightmares at bay, a chronic pain from returning, the pelvic floor from tightening up or the balance from getting shaky again. What kind of consistent practice will keep you close enough to the summit to be happily on your purpose in life? Let's explore that together.
Licensed Physical Therapist, New York State Experienced Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher Certified Yoga Instructor, Integral Yoga Certified Baguazhang Teacher, Internal Arts Certified in Psychedelic Therapy & Research, California Institute Integral Studies Certified Massage Therapist Highly Skilled Manual Therapist (osteopathy & tuina) Experience with movement disorders like parkinsonism and dystonia, brain injury, spinal cord injury, oncology, chronic pain, pelvic floor related conditions. Teach practicing clinicians continuing education Teach for Columbia University program in Physical Therapy and program in Occupational Therapy.
I am an experienced and gentle, psychologically savvy physical therapist, available for remote sessions and for house-calls to New York City.