Bloom Therapy & Wellness

Santa Barbara CA
Offering ketamine therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma and more in Santa Barbara and online across California! We value authenticity in our relationships with clients: we're real humans who’ve experienced a low point and emerged with a renewed purpose. No confusing psychobabble over here, just a group of professionals who deeply care and serve as your supportive guide. Book a free consultation with me to explore if we’re a good fit! We’d be honored to support your therapeutic journey.
Bloom Therapy & Wellness offers support to clients who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, or trauma related to their past. During our sessions, we will work to uncover the root of the issues at hand so we can equip you with the tools for sustainable lifelong healing and taking back power in your life. Most of my clients see a gradual lifting of symptoms within the first month and sustained improvement thereafter.
Offering ketamine packages ranging from 2-8 sessions that include preparation and integration sessions. Get more details at