Braden Sandberg, LCSW

Calgary AB
Braden works collaboratively to remove obstacles to a person's innate healing potential, and believes that therapy should harness an individual's ability to create independence and curiosity within a person. Braden believes that psychedelics are a tool for inspiring movement beyond symptom reduction and toward improved well-being and living a preferred life. Braden can provide a range of supportive services related to psychedelics, including support in creating the optimal conditions in preparing for a psychedelic experience. Or perhaps you are trying to decide if a psychedelic journey is a right fit. Braden can provide psychoeducation and information regarding psychedelics, and can provide harm reduction-focused suggestions for experiences or eductational resources. If you have already had a psychedelic experience, he can help normalize your experiences, provide support for somatic and emotional expression, affirm insights, and help mobilize these experiences into daily life.
Braden (he/him) is a masters-prepared social worker currently working at a psychedelic clinic in Calgary as a Mental Health Practitioner, providing support in preperation, experiential, and integration sessions. He is currently enrolled in psychedelic-assisted therapy training programs with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute ( and the MAPS MDMA Therapy Training Program ( He completed his graduate studies at the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work. His interest in using psychedelics for healing began at a young age. Growing up in Saskatchewan–a major center of psychedelic research in the mid-20th century–he long maintained an interest in contributing to the revival of legal and safe psychedelic use, and is a longtime activist in supporting causes related to cognitive liberty and the rights of people who use drugs. Please note, in the jurisdictions for which I am licensed by the relevant Canadian governing bodies (Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan), the professional designation LCSW is not used. I am licensed as a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in these provinces, but this selection is not currently an option to select on this platform.