Brett Knowles, MA, LAc, LMT

Somatic Therapist, Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture
Boulder CO
I’m a somatic therapist and practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I use a mindfulness based approach to psychedelic integration. I see goodness as the ground of our experience, even our shadows have their own wakefulness and purpose. Every moment is an invitation to reconnect and remember that wisdom. My approach to healing is contemplative, inner-directive and client centered. I believe we all have an inner healer. Each client is their own therapist, and my role is to listen and support that process.
I started my own healing journey when I found myself in a vulnerable place perhaps not so different as yourself. From an early age I have always been a seeker. I pushed hard, meditating, fasting, using breath techniques, and experimenting with various psychedelics. Suddenly I found myself in the midst of spiritual crisis before the phrase ever landed on pages of the DSM. With little support from conventional medicine, I turned to eastern medicine. Soon after, I moved to a retreat center where I studied and practiced buddhist psychology and meditation intensively for seven years. I still practice daily in this tradition today. It is the ground that informs my therapeutic approach. I suffered from chronic fatigue, pain and anxiety for years. For decades I've studied, practiced, and received bodywork, yoga, movement therapy, acupuncture, and various somatic therapies. With patience and curiosity my body continues to integrate all these experiences. It is both a joy and a relentless pursuit to balance the body and mind. Above all else these challenges offer perspective. Health and sickness are no longer at odds. Both can be welcomed as equals, a process of transformation, rather than something that needs fixing. From these experiences come a well of empathy, connection and a curiosity to help others find their own way back to center. With each client there is something new, unexpected, and wonderful waiting to be discovered. I look forward to meeting you on your journey.