Brian Peacock, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Baltimore MD
I work with clients who are considering psychedelic-assisted therapies and offer pre-evaluations that this form of treatment is suitable and provide treatment plan guidance. These evaluations include interviews, personality testing, and screening for neurological and severe psychopathologies. By building a holistic understanding of client needs, I provide guidance in selecting psychedelic medicines, dosing, sequencing of treatments, and harm-reduction strategies. I provide clear, personalized recommendations, whether the results suggest a psychedelic treatment or an alternative, always prioritizing safety and efficacy. In addition to psychedelic therapy pre-evaluations, I provide expert testimony for legal cases involving psychedelics. I also offer crisis support services for families and ADHD/learning disorder evaluations, drawing on my background in hospital mental health services, work with families, and neuropsychology.
Hi! I'm Dr. Brian Peacock, a licensed clinical psychologist in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm deeply committed to the transformative potential of psychedelic-assisted therapies. My journey began at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, where I honed my expertise in neuropsychological assessment and relational psychodynamic psychotherapy. My residency at Denver Health deepened my understanding of psychiatric crises and complex mental health conditions. For my dissertation, I wrote an extensive literature review of eight different psychedelic medicines and examined when it is best to use each one therapeutically. It included over 1,100 references examining the foundational and applied research on psychedelics and synthesizing this data into a broad overview of the current knowledge base. The outcome of the study was a method for psychedelic treatment planning. I am passionate about advancing psychedelic research, applying that research to help clients, and advocating for expanded access to psychedelic medicines.