Briana Myers, LCSW

New York City NY
I believe that therapy is most effective when it is client-directed and shaped to meet the needs of each individual. When applicable, I incorporate meditation and mindfulness techniques. I believe that kindness is a healing force, and I bring an open mind and heart to each session.
I am a Clinical Social Worker licensed in New York State who works with adults and adolescents, couples and individuals. As a practicing Buddhist, I identify as a Contemplative Therapist, who refrains from pathologizing her clients. I approach my work through a lens of compassion and gentleness, finding this the most effective path to the relief of suffering. I receive my Masters in Social Work in New York City in 2000 and worked in private practice in Union Square until 2016. I was raised in Canada and now splits my time between New York and Ontario - all sessions are conducted remotely.