Briggs Wallis, MA, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
Boulder CO
Sometimes in life we find ourselves getting lost, stuck, or on paths that we never even meant be on. I believe that feeling lost also gives us an opportunity to find ourselves. Change happens in stages. It all just starts with a willingness to show up for yourself, nothing more and nothing less. Come as you are. I will meet you there. I am currently offering telehealth services in Colorado and North Carolina.
My own journey from illness to health motivated me to become an licensed professional counselor candidate, life coach, nutritionist, herbalist, massage therapist, certified yoga teacher, astrologer, and end-of-life-doula- so that I could share my experience with others and help them along their path to health and wellness. Through my studies I have learned how to take better care of myself and my mental, emotional, and physical health, which has resulted in me losing 100 pounds and becoming a lighter and brighter being. I have moved from survival into thrival myself and feel inspired to help others find their way!